July 4th in Wisconsin, Talking to Poppie, The Italian Feast, 1st Penis Sighting, New Words–Good & Bad!

This 4th of July was a very nice one! We spent it at the lake house with Nonnie and poppy. Emma had a great time swimming and finding jewels in the water that the “mermaids” brought. Nonnie started the tradition of throwing little knick knack jewelry items into the water and claiming to the kids that mermaids brought them. This tradition has continued for almost 20 years now.

The fireworks were very nice as usual. Emma loves watching fireworks–as long as the loud ones are far away…. We watched the town fireworks from our house across the lake and then the people around the lake started their shows. Some of these people spends thousands as their fireworks are professional grade. Emma enjoyed watching…until…until the nearby neighbors started lighting off loud ones. When that happened, it was indoors we went.

A very cute thing happened one night after Nonnie went to bed. Emma did something that she had never done. She actually started talking to Poppie. I mean chatty cathy style talking here. She even asked him to come upstairs where she showed him something. Well, Poppie happily obliged. They talked and talked until Emma had to go to bed.

This year was Emma’s first Melrose Park Italian Feast. It was the first time I have been to this since 1984 or so. Of course we had extra incentive to go seeing that My sister had a Bacci pizza booth and lots of Emma’s cousins were there working it. Emma got to see Dominic, Pasquale, Maria(Meera), Gianna, Sylvana, and Pasquales friend Nick–who Emma has a crush on, crazy huh? Emma won a goldfish in the ping pong ball toss–good throw Mommie!– but it died a few days later after Melissa put it into fresh tap water. Oh, almost forgot to add that while we were waiting for Melissa & Sylvana to get off a ride Emma started a conversation with a friendly lady that was waiting there too. Well, I may as well have been somewhere else because Emma struck up a conversation about her shoes and her clothes, etc….. The woman was obviously happy that this cute little girl was showing her attention! How cute….

On a beautiful weekend day we had Melissa’s cousin Maria, her husband Kevin and their 2 kids Lucas, age 5, and Claire, age 2 1/2, over. The kids swam in Emma’s little pool, we ate, drank and had a great time. They stayed all day and when they had to leave was when something happened that I will never forget–and will definitely remind Emma about when she is older! It was time for the kids to change out of their wet suits. Lucas, being the little man that he is, just pulled off his trunks and proceeded to strut his stuff around the patio! As he was wiggling his boyhood around there was Emma with one finger in her teeth just staring with the most funny expression of awe on her face! She would not take her eyes off of that alien “thing” until it was covered up by underwear. We all were holding in our laughter as best we could. The funny thing is that afterward Emma didn’t say anything else about what she had witnessed. She still has not said anything…LOL Hope she isn’t scarred for life now!!!

Emma has some new words and phrases that she has been using. The first one she obviously learned from her mother–thank goodness. She got mad at something and said, “Oh, Damnit.” I have to admit that hearing this come from her was kinda funny! Obviously we told her that she shouldn’t say this, etc…. and told her to say “Darn it” instead. So now she will say to herself, “Darn it, Damnit, Darn it, Damnit.” We will have to work on this one before she starts preschool.
Another word is “Popsticle.” Obviously an Emma version of popscicle.
Emma calls the doves that come to our birdfeeder “Dump Dumps.”

A couple hilarious statements that she recently made were, “Ooooh my gosh” and “It’s a big time possibility.” LOL! Where did she learn that second one?!?

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