February 2011

Teddy Bear Party! Full-Time Kindergarten?

Emma’s preschool has a Teddy Bear/Pajama party every year and this year turned out really nice! Melissa helped out with the preparation at the school and there was lots of singing, crafts, dancing and playing! Emma brought her favorite bear–Purple and wore her favorite Princess pajamas. There was even a room where the Dads danced along with the kids as they sang one of their songs. At the end of the night everyone went into the gym where there were snacks and desserts… After eating the kids ran all over the place chasing each other and burning off all that sugar. It was a very nice day! This …Read more […..]

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First Experience With Bullying?

I can remember the kids who used to bully me around like it was yesterday. Of course, after we all grew up(the bullies all seemed to stop growing around 8th grade, ha!) and I became a police officer the tables turned for good. Anyway, today, like most days, Emma kept asking when we were going to leave for school–did this for 2 hours. When we finally went, she was very excited. As usual she washed her hands and kissed me goodbye and then ran over to the board where all the kids write their names. Emma was there with one of the boys and she began excitedly writing her name when 3 other girls, Hannah, …Read more […..]

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