Teddy Bear Party! Full-Time Kindergarten?

Emma’s preschool has a Teddy Bear/Pajama party every year and this year turned out really nice! Melissa helped out with the preparation at the school and there was lots of singing, crafts, dancing and playing! Emma brought her favorite bear–Purple and wore her favorite Princess pajamas. There was even a room where the Dads danced along with the kids as they sang one of their songs.IMG_0719

At the end of the night everyone went into the gym where there were snacks and desserts… After eating the kids ran all over the place chasing each other and burning off all that sugar. It was a very nice day!

This leads into my next thought. Since preschool is ending in a few months it is time to start thinking about Kindergarten. It was recently brought to my attention that Kindergarten is now full day as opposed to what I grew up with, half day. I am shocked about this. The kids are being rushed to grow up now. What ever happened to letting kids be kids? Reminds me of the parents who like to brag about how their 2 year old is enrolled in a high end all day preschool such as Montessori. Like their kids need to become physicists at such an early age. Or, maybe they just wish not to fulfill their parenting duties the whole day? Who knows.

Our decision on Kindergarten is not whether to enroll Emma in half or full day. Their are only a few that go to half day out of many kids. Our decision is whether to enroll Emma in a private school that will continue the religious learning that Ema has had the last couple years or to enroll her in the public school. The private school will cost an additional $5,000 so it is quite expensive. It is a decision that we will have to make soon after exploring all that both schools have to offer.

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