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The End of Preschool Already?!

It is with a strange feeling of sadness I feel when thinking about the Preschool Closing ceremony that was held tonight at Emma’s school. The ceremony was just incredible and great and all but I can’t believe that it is over!   It just seems like yesterday that I brought Emma to her 1st day of preschool(with a great deal of apprehension—I wrote about it in this blog HERE) when she was 3 almost 2 years ago. I also remember the difference when I dropped her off at the beginning of this school year that is ending tomorrow. I did so with a feeling …Read more […..]


“Mommie, Why Can’t I Have a Real Car? I Want A Real Car”, Field Trip To Cosley Zoo, School Picnic!

Emma has really loved driving her Barbie Mustang since she got it. She brings her toys and stuffed animals in with her and rocks out to the “radio” that her car has. She has become quite a good little driver and recently said to Melissa, “Mommy, why can’t I have a real car? I want a real car like yours.” Too funny! We told her she has to wait another ten years and she said she doesn’t want to. Emma’s preschool had another field trip to the Cosley zoo and I volunteered to be the Chaperone. I had the privilege to drive Emma and her BFF Avery to the zoo. It was fun watching …Read more […..]