“Mommie, Why Can’t I Have a Real Car? I Want A Real Car”, Field Trip To Cosley Zoo, School Picnic!

Emma has really loved driving her Barbie Mustang since she got it. She brings her toys and stuffed animals in with her and rocks out to the “radio” that her car has. She has become quite a good little driver and recently said to Melissa, “Mommy, why can’t I have a real car? I want a real car like yours.” Too funny! We told her she has to wait another ten years and she said she doesn’t want to.

Emma’s preschool had another field trip to the Cosley zoo and I volunteered to be the Chaperone. I had the privilege to drive Emma and her BFF Avery to the zoo. It was fun watching Emma and her friends having so much fun and being able to be a part of it. Emma and Avery behaved very well and I had no problem keeping them nearby, unlike some other Moms and the rowdy kids they had! Memories like this will stay with me and I am sure they will stay with her too.


Another event that I got to attend was the Pre-school picnic that they had at a park nearby. It was a very warm day and Melissa even got to attend which Emma was very happy about. The kids played in the park while we sat under the shade and had our snacks. It is wierd to think that Emma will be finished with preschool already. Boy did the last couple years go by fast!

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