The End of Preschool Already?!

It is with a strange feeling of sadness I feel when thinking about the Preschool Closing ceremony that was held tonight at Emma’s school. The ceremony was just incredible and great and all but I can’t believe that it is over!


It just seems like yesterday that I brought Emma to her 1st day of preschool(with a great deal of apprehension—I wrote about it in this blog HERE) when she was 3 almost 2 years ago. I also remember the difference when I dropped her off at the beginning of this school year that is ending tomorrow. I did so with a feeling of complete comfort and security knowing that she was in good hands. And now the mixed feelings…

For the last week or so I have been trying to prepare Emma(or maybe myself) for the end of school and of her going to this school with Mrs. Koschmann as her teacher. I kept telling her to enjoy the rest of school here etc… I think the reality of how fast time goes has once again slapped me in the face and I find myself looking back. I think that maybe I should have somehow been more involved at Emma’s school or maybe talked even more about her days there.

Maybe I should have talked more about all the excellent people that are there and how blessed I feel that Emma attended there. I think that maybe I was too involved in my own stuff(businesses, getting things done, etc…) that I missed some things along the way. I was too involved with life and maybe didn’t enjoy the pure blessing that was/is Our Savior Preschool.

Looking at photos of the past year reinforces this feeling. To know that Emma was in such a loving environment with such good people and knowing that she won’t be there next year is somewhat unsettling. I am going to miss the security of knowing that she is with people I trust and, more importantly, is being taught about what really, ultimately, matters, God and His son, Jesus Christ. I fear that we will not be able to carry on this great teaching since the public schools don’t have it we are always so caught up in life that we don’t focus on it as much as we should. Granted, we will still attend church there but, again, we don’t go as much as we should. We will have to work on this!

It has been said that God works in mysterious ways. Well, I find myself thinking about this now. In the past I never would have thought that in the future I would feel a sense of loss due to my child finishing preschool! The way that my law enforcement career ended and the series of events that followed—ultimately putting me in the position of stay at home dad bringing Emma to preschool everyday—were truly a blessing. I was very blessed to have witnessed the growth of my daughter for the last 2 years. I was blessed to bring her to school in the morning and ask her while driving there, “I wonder what you will do in school today?” And then while driving home, “What did you guys do in school today? Who did you play with?” I was blessed to be able to get to school early and watch through the 2 way window how well the kids behaved and to see and hear Emma singing songs about Jesus with her class and Mrs. Koschmann.

I was blessed to attend all of the Chapels that the kids had during the last 2 years and to see how well Pastor Koschmann taught the kids about God and Jesus. I was blessed to see the joy of all the people involved with the school and the happy outlook they had even on rough days. I was blessed to have worked with the kids on the woodworking day. I was blessed being able to attend a field trip to Cosley Zoo with Emma and her class. I was also blessed because it feels like I was a part of Emma’s school experience. And, maybe that is why I feel a sense of loss, because I am losing this too. Again, I can’t believe that this experience has impacted me like this. This post will be reviewed in the future and may be altered a bit when I can concentrate and focus with a clearer mind…J

I think that Emma (and me for that matter), even though she doesn’t talk about it, will miss Mrs. Koschmann most of all. For the last couple years Emma has talked very highly of Mrs. Koschmann and always smiled and laughed when telling me the daily stories of what Mrs. Koschmann taught them and did with them! Mrs. Koschmann feels like family to our daughter and it is sad that they won’t see each other much in the future. L I know that life is this way and that there will be more people that come in Emma’s life that will go out of it but this is the first time and Mrs. Koschmann has most definitely impacted Emma in a very powerful and positive way. I thank God that we decided to send Emma to Our Savior Preschool and I thank God for the people there, especially Mrs. Koschmann. On the brighter side, we will still see her and Emma will be able to update her on what’s going on! I pray that we made the right decision on Emma’s next school and that she has a teacher as caring and loving as Mrs. Koschmann! Who thought that parenting is this hard?! Or, am I just too much of a lush? Hmmmm…

Well, tomorrow is the last day of school and there will be a private closing ceremony for just Emma’s class. This should be a doozy! Melissa can’t make it either so I am on my own! Yikes! I am not too good with “Goodbyes.” Even though I was somewhat of an “outcast” since I was the only stay at home dad at school everyday I will miss all the other parents and grandparents and Emma’s classmates. Call me sentimental but that group of kids will never be together again. Is this too morbid a thought??! Sheez… With all the trials and tribulations ahead I had better get my act together! J Being a Police Officer was much easier than this!!

****Listen to Emma singing the song that the class began every day with! LISTEN HERE

****Listen to Emma singing another song the class learned this year! LISTEN HERE

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In closing, I would like to say that anyone considering Our Savior Preschool will be blessed to send their children there! I can’t say enough about it and am surely going to miss it!

P.S. I will be reliving this year for a while since I will be putting the schools’ 6 classes’ 2010-2011 DVD videos together with my business.

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