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former police officer and current stay at home dad and home business entrepreneur

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Issues Facing SAHDs

As more and more families embrace non-traditional gender roles, it's becoming increasingly common for dads to stay home and take on the role of primary caregiver. While this can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, it's not without its challenges. One of the biggest issues that stay-at-home dads face is social isolation. Many stay-at-home dads report feeling lonely or cut off from the world outside their homes. This can be especially true if they live in areas where there aren't many other stay-at-home dads or if they're the only dad in their social circle who's taken on this role. Another ...Read more [.....]

Essential Stay-At-Home Dad Products

As society continues to evolve and change, so do gender roles and family dynamics. More and more, we're seeing fathers take on the role of primary caregiver and stay-at-home dad. This shift has resulted in a growing market for products specifically designed for dads who stay at home with their children. Here are some of the top stay-at-home dad products on the market today: Baby Carriers - Stay-at-home dads need their hands free, and baby carriers provide an excellent solution. There are several different types of baby carriers available, including front carriers, backpack carriers, and ...Read more [.....]

Parents’ Backwards Priorities

Been thinking lately about parenting and what I perceive as parent's selfish priorities. As I may have stated before, I don't feel it is the right thing to do to stick your kids in daycare or with a nannie or sitter if it is not absolutely necessary. Many parents do not want to be with the kids all day or may feel that their career or money is more important and I feel that the children suffer because of this. Parents that do so are selfish and have their priorities backwards.

I am adding to this list some things that parents do that I feel show their upside down priorities.

The first thing ...Read more [.....]

Emma’s Note to Mommy–Enjoy Every Moment

This is a note that Emma left for Melissa yesterday. She was in her room yesterday and was quiet for awhile. Now, I know what she was doing. 🙂 How cute is this? It is very touching to see how thoughtful she is and how much she loves her Mommy. The last 18 months has not only been rough on me but also on Emma. She has written more little notes and pictures like these to let Melissa know how much she loves her. With her Mommy traveling a lot(an understatement to say the least) during this time, Ema has acted out on occasion with Melissa. My personal feeling is that she is as frustrated as me with ...Read more [.....]

Emma Playing With Iphone Sent Out Vids of Herself!

Emma has gotten into using Apple's Facetime Videochat which she uses to call her cousins and friends. It is awesome for her to be able to do this without needing a computer and I absolutely recommend it--you need an Apple Ipad, Iphone or Mac to use it though.

Last night Emma was playing with Melissa's Ipad and Iphone and recorded herself on video and then sent it to Melissa's friend! Being that the phone is Melissa's work phone it is a good thing that Emma didn't send it to anyone else!


I think these videos are great because they show Emma in her own element without us being involved ...Read more [.....]