Can You Believe This? Child Safety Tip

What are your thoughts on stay at home dads if the woman really wants to work? Or even if both want/need to work?

This question was posed to Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace at the end of Pastor Mark’s sermon.
Check out the video:

Pastor Mark is way out of line. In my experience, it is much more difficult to stay at home with a child than it is to work.

In my prior career as a police officer, I observed many, many, mothers who were not fit to be one.

Therefore, is it better to have an unfit mother raising a child or, as Pastor Mark says, an “unbeliever” raising the child.

The child needs to have a loving and caring home.

Pastor Mark needs to get a clue!

What Is The First Thing You Do With Your Child?

What is the first thing you should do with your child (or someone’s you’re watching) when going to a zoo, carnival, mall, concert, or other public place?

I’m sure you have some great answers… and there is probably more than one. However, one thing I’m doing with my little terror (I say that in the most loving way), is use my cell phone to take a picture of her.


It does a couple things:

1. I now have the most up to date picture of her.

2. I now know exactly what she is wearing.

3. In case of emergency, I can now quickly send that picture out to anyone including:

-Those helping me with the emergency,

-Law enforcement, security, etc.,


It takes nothing more than a couple seconds… my cell phone is always on me… and worse – worse case scenario I have several pics already in my camera of previous times I’ve taken her pic, so I can use those as backups. (However, it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to know what they are wearing, and being able to convey that to others… and a picture does that perfectly.)

Build the habit, remind loved ones, and before you know it will be second nature. If you don’t have a cell phone with a camera (even the most inexpensive models do these days) — get one. There is really no big price difference… and they’ll provide you with an extra layer of protection which is priceless.

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