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It has been about 5 months since Emma has seen my Uncle Jeff and his wife Jo. The last time she saw them she loved Jo but wouldn’t go by Jeff although she did start to play Peek with him from a distance.

They came over and spent a nice evening with us recently. At first Emma was leery of Jeff and, of course, was immediately receptive to Jo. It didn’t take long however, for her to warm up to Jeff. At first, while Melissa & I talked with Jeff, Emma kidnapped Jo and took her into the living room to play. After awhile we all ended up in the same room at which time Emma kidnapped Jeff and brought him into the other room. Well, we were all amazed and Jeff was completely taken by this.

They played–Jeff has always been great with kids, in fact if I ever get my book written he will have a section all to himself as he was a significant role model to me growing up–and it was a great night. Emma is really getting to be sociable now and Jeff made a point to let me know too. A shame that we are not able to have these more often.

For the last couple weeks Emma has been waking me up by saying, “Wake up Daddy its Christmastime!” She has really started to understand Christmas and Santa Claus lots more.

This month has been a whirlwind of Christmas parties and Emma is loving them all! She has been able to see all of her cousins–Too many to name– her Grandma and Grandpa, Her G-ma, and Great-Bucia, her aunts and uncles. She really had fun with her cousins and these parties are turning into lots of fun with all the kids!

Well, Santa was here! WEEEEE! Lots of presents! Emma is starting to open presents but isn’t at the stage where she will tear them open with vigor yet. Next year she will be tearing them up I am sure. She got lots of cool toys. She especially liked the kitchen set that took 2 hours to assemble and has a million pieces that she got from Auntie Mary. She liked her Tinkerbell table, Cinderella movie, her Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine dolls, the five cool little plastic cars with faces, the All in one pajamas with the duck feet, as well as a bunch of others! I think her 3 favorites were the kitchen, the princess dolls and the 5 little cars.

We had my family here for Christmas and Emma enjoyed her cousins and especially enjoyed her Nonnie being here for a couple days. Of course she wore Nonnie out and still won’t sit on Poppie’s lap, voluntarily at least.

Emma got a Viewmaster–I always loved this as a kid!–and likes to look into it. It is hilarious when she tells us that there are Aminals in there. She says animals as aminals and it is so cute to hear! Ahhh, the little things that we forget unless we write them in a blog!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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