“Let’s Go Check It Out” “It Is Hilarious” “Mommy, I want a Hamburger”

As Emma and I were playing outside–riding bikes–we smelled a funky odor. Realizing that it was garbage day I observed a dark stain on the street that the garbage truck had left for us..Yuck! I told Emma where I thought the smell was coming from and she stated, “Let’s go check it out.” A very cute quote! Of course we went over and she wanted to keep looking at the stain and even rode over it.

Another funny quote that Emma said was when we were playing and she found something–what it was I forget–funny. She stated,”It is Hilarious.” Not sure where she picked this up from but it was very cute!

Another thing that Emma did out of the blue was state to Melissa, “Mommy, I want a hamburger.” This surprised us because Emma has never liked or even wanted to try hamburgers! We tried for a long time and gave up but here it was! Needless to say, we got her a hamburger and she ate some and acted like she liked it. Well, this new taste did not last long because Emma did not want hamburger after this. Funny thing….


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