Mrs Koshmann visits! “Daddy, You Walk Like This” “I’m Telling You” Snuggler in The Morning

Well, it is that time of year! Summer is ending and preschool is about to start! Just like last year Mrs. Koschmann came to the house to visit and meet with Emma. Unlike last year Emma knows her very well and talked to her from the start! 🙂 It is also different than last year because we know what to expect and feel extremely confident and secure in knowing that Emma will have her for her teacher this year. I remember the nervous trepidation I felt last year and am grateful that this year will be easy!

One of Emma’s new sayings is one that makes fun of her Daddy. Out of the blue Emma said to me, “Daddy you walk like this” and then began walking with her toes pointed outward. Ha! I walk with my toes pointed outward but by no means is it as pronounced as she was making it–while smiling widely! What a stinker!

Another new saying is when she is making a statement. She says, “I’m Telling you.” She knows how to make her point now. 🙂

One of her newer behaviors is when she snuggles in the morning. She gets out of her bed and comes in our bed and snuggles with Mommy until morning when Mommy leaves. At that point she comes over by me and sleeps against me and sometimes on me. This causes me to unwittingly move to the edge of the bed for more room. Well, I have become an expert at sleeping on the edge of the bed, at odd angles, with very little blankets, and any other crazy way of sleeping. I have always needed my space while sleeping and she is testing it! It is very cute though to see her sleeping soundly next to me when I wake up. Awww…..

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