“Just Chillin Out” “I’m Your Daughter, I’m Your Daddy” “Oh My Gosh” “That’s a Good Idea” Gella is Here!”The Pleasure Is All Mine”

Some of the more memorable phrases that Emma has been using…. When I ask Emma what she is doing she now frequently says, “I’m Chillin Out.” She cracks me up, picking up all of our phrases.

When I say to Emma, “You’re my daughter and I’m your Daddy” she repeats “I’m your daughter I’m your Daddy.” We have to work on this one…LOL

When she is surprised, upset, or amazed, Emma will say, “Oh my gosh!”

If we make a suggestion or tell her that we are going to do something, Emma frequently responds, “That’s a good idea.”

Emma was very happy to see her cousin Gella(Angelica). Gella was here with Emma’s auntie Phyliss for Meera’s(Maria’s) wedding. It was as if Emma had just seen Gella, not since last year. Maybe because she sees Gella on Facebook and has named a little doll with dark hair Gella.

A unique quote that Emma uses, that she learned from her favorite TV show, Max & Ruby, is “The pleasure is all mine.” She has her dolls say this to each other while playing.

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