Tips for Stay At Home Dads

Excellent tips that I can definitely relate to and recommend!

Child-care experts – and stay-at-home dad Chuck Shepard – offer the following tips to jobless fathers who are taking care of the children:

•Talk about their frustrations with family or friends, said Aaron Rochlen, a psychology professor at University of Texas at Austin. If possible, do part-time work or an occasional project to feel satisfied professionally.

•Isolation “encourages the sitting-on-the-couch- and-letting-things-drift period,” said Jeremy Adam Smith, author of The Daddy Shift. At-home dads should get their kids out of the house. Take them to playgrounds, classes, church activities and community organizations.

•The wife’s attitude toward her unemployed husband is key, Smith said. If she accepts that she’s the primary provider and is able to support her husband in his new role, “then they can thrive in these difficult circumstances.”

•At-home dads should try to make some time for themselves. Shepard said he meets weekly with a men’s group at a local church.

•Being an at-home dad is “like any new job,” Rochlen said. “Wait after a thorough period to evaluate how you’re doing before you consider yourself as a success or a failure.”







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