Nona in Heaven, Go Dogs to Heaven, Riding my bike! 4th Birthday–Princesses! I Love Poppie

It has been awhile since it has been hectic around here. My grandmother “Nona” passed away recently after several months of illness. I will surely miss her alot–maybe I will write about her in depth in the future–and Emma will miss her too. Emma really liked to visit with her even in the hospital.



Emma has a new favorite movie which she pronounces in a very cute way. It is “Go Dogs to Heaven.” Obviously it is All Dogs Go to Heaven….:) She loves this movie as well as its sequel.


After getting a nice new tricycle for Christmas from her cousins Chrissy & Megan, Emma has finally started riding it. The thing with her is that she is an extremely fast learner but she has to want to do something–hence the 3 month wait to ride it. Since it is brand new with very smooth wheels she started riding it in the house and having a riot! She goes so fast with her little legs pedaling so quickly!



Emma had her 4th Birthday party. She is 4 already?!?!?! She had an awesome party! Her cousins were all here, she got lots of presents, had good cake, and….And—Princesses!!!! Yes, she had 2 princesses come to her party! He favorite, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White came here and did some activities and played with the kids. They all loved it, even cousin Vinnie! She really, really loved it! She talked about the princesses coming to her party for days afterward!


Emma sometimes goes into deep thought and then makes a cute and/or profound statement. She recently did so and very cutely said, “I Love Poppie.” Ha! Poppie is her grandpa(my Dad). She is funny when she is with Poppie. Sometimes she is so nice to him and sometimes she is a little stinker to him and motions for him to “stop” talking or to go away(especially if she is doing something with Nonnie.)


She tells him to stop when he is in his questioning mode–asking her lots of questions….She is like me in that I really don’t like being asked question after question–hint hint to Melissa! 🙂 Anyway, Emma did say that she loved Poppie-completely on her own.


Below are the pictures from her party and a couple more of her riding her bike.


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