“Gotforgot” Timeout at School? Meeting with Emma’s Teacher, Dropping Princess Slipper, Wake up Sleeping Beauty

A couple cute words that Emma uses are: Gotforgot(instead of forgot) and yittle(instead of little). Yittle has been used for awhile now but I am not sure that I have documented it yet. Both of these words are funny to hear her say.

Recently, Emma told us that a classmate had gotten a timeout at school. When we began to interrogate her further we began to believe that maybe she had gotten a timeout. The answer to this is a bit later but she mentioned the “Fireboys.” The Fireboys are boys in her class who play like they are firemen. She talks about them a lot so she may like them…;)

We had a meeting with one of Emma’s teachers who informed us that she is doing very well and is well liked by all her classmates. We also learned that it was not Emma who had gotten a timeout but the classmate she had mentioned. It is cool to get another person’s perspective on Emma and to also hear very, very good things. As a parent, we all like to think that our child is all that but now it has been confirmed for me! LOL

A very cute little thing that Emma does with me now is something she learned from her princess movies, Cinderella in particular. She likes to drop one of her sparkly princess shoes off her foot and onto the floor then motion for me to get it. I then act like I am the Prince–which I am sure Melissa thinks I am :)– and retrieve the glass slipper for her and place it on her foot.

Another little game she likes to play is when she lies down and closes her eyes and says that she needs the prince to kiss her like in sleeping beauty. I then act lie a prince and say,” Oh, the princess is in trouble and needs my kiss” at which time I kiss her on her forehead and she wakes up and smiles. Oh, what fun!

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