Easter Buddy, Hannon, Ki Ki, Octanon

Easter was a good day. Emma was a very good girl in church. She loves the music and listened intently as the choir sung. During the sermon she got friendly with the ladies next to us. She smiled and began showing them her “Mama” and her “Dada.” The 2 ladies became second fiddle when Emma noticed the younger looking woman next to them. She loves the younger looking women and teenage girls and gravitates to them wherever we are. She calls them “Lala” like she calls her cousin Lauren. She got down from Melissa’s lap and crept closer and closer to the woman. She received lots of smiles at church.

After church Emma got to see the Easter bunny again at Melissa’s cousin’s house. Just like last year she didn’t want to leave it. Just like last year she examined its eyes, ears, nose, and everything else. The only difference is that this year she kept giving the bunny hugs. A day later and she is still talking about the Buddy and its Beet!

Our last stop on Easter was at Emma’s aunt Kathy’s house. She got to see her cousins Hannon(Shannon), Kiki(Kaylen), and Jeremy(Emma Presses her lower lip down with her index finger when she talks about Jeremy.) Emma likes to give orders to other kids now and Hannon was no exception. Shannon was a good sport and entertained Emma until she was too tired to anymore.

Emma met her match with Kathy’s cat Shadow. Shadow is Walter’s(Foofoo’s) mother and looks just like him. Emma thought it was Foofoo and did to her what she does to him(grabs him, sits on him and pulls on him) and got scratched on the hand. She is lucky Foofoo is laid back and not like his mother! She didn’t complain about the scratch and shows it off.

A new word for her is Octanon. Melissa has been playing with her new shaped blocks and taught her the word octagon which Emma loves to try to pronounce.

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