Grean Beans! Ballerina Costume, Nonnie was Here, Pink Eye-Yuch

So, it has been a heck of a time trying to get Emma to eat vegetables. Ok, she has been eating carrots for quite awhile…But that is it… She has been refusing all kinds of veggies for a looong time…Until now! Woohoo! She now eats green beans! We had been offering her them for a long while and it was when we didn’t offer them to her that she actually asked for them! How is that for reverse psychology?!

Emma received a ballerina costume a while back and recently tried it on. Well, once it was on….it was staying on! Watching her looking in the mirror at herself, posing and talking to herself was something! I will have to get a picture of her wearing it soon!

Emma enjoyed herself and had a playmate for  a week when Nonnie came to stay with us. Oh, and did I say I got a huge much-needed break?? Emma sure kept Nonnie busy with all of the coloring, playing with her cars, going outside, writing on the cement with chalk, and all of the other things that they did together. And, for me, getting some online business stuff done and going to the health club–where I have went from a regular to a practical stranger! It was very nice, that is until the sickness struck…

Just before Nonnie came here we had went to the Wisconsin Dells Waterpark for a couple days with Melissa’s friend Candy, her husband Ted, and their daughter Alisha(sorry if I spelled it wrong). We had a great time but just as last year, once we got home Emma got sick. The poor little cutie got Pink Eye for the first time. She looked like she had gotten into a brawl with Mike Tyson as her eye was swollen shut at one point. The eyedrops were a pain to give at first but after awhile she requested them since she knew they would make her better. She also had a fever.. :(  Oh, Nonnie got sick too and my break was put on hold for a day or two as I played nurse as well as Dad. Good thing Nonnie got better before she went back home!

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