Happy Halloween! Headstrong Little Stinker…

Halloween 2010

Halloween is always an awesome time here at our household and this year was great! Emma was Cinderella this year and  had her preschool party/costume parade which was very cute. And, of course, we had our annual Halloween party. This year, Emma understands better what the party is all about and she really enjoyed the awesome decorations and lights that we put up in the garage.

She loved seeing her cousins all dressed up and she enjoyed taking pictures with our neighbor Carol who was dressed as a witch! Emma still loves(and hates) witches! In fact, Auntie Kathy left her witch hat here and Emma wore it during the days afterwards!

Emma is really starting to grow up and is developing a headstrong attitude. She knows what she wants and it is difficult to get her to change her mind. This can be good at times and also frustrating! But, it is better than being wishy washy…
I would rather her be the leader of the group than a meek follower! We shall see what the future has in store but so far she is definitely more of a leader!!
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