1st Day of School! Coloring Like Crazy! Company Day At Great America!

What a difference a year makes! Emma couldn’t wait to go back to school! She got up and asked if she was going to school but I had to tell her that she will be going in the afternoons this year.

I had none of the nervousness that I felt last year when she had her 1st day of school. None of the uneasiness that I felt as I drove her there and virtually none( maybe just a tad) of the guilt as I left her there….And, she was excited to be going back to school since she has the same teacher and is familiar with it. A plus this year is that she is in the afternoon class which means that we get to sleep in–a definite plus for me since I do my work at night when I have peace and quiet!

Emma has become a coloring fanatic now! We are coloring with crayons and markers and have colored many pages in her coloring books! She has gotten very good at coloring now and stay in the lines and is very meticulous. She even critiques my coloring work! All this coloring reminds me of old times when I would go to Nona’s house and see which of my cousins had colored in it since I was there last. My cousins and I all had this thing where we would cross off the others’ names and even scribble on their pictures! Crazy stuff!
Well, another fun time at Great America for Melissa’s Company Day! How awesome is it that we had the whole park from 5 until close with no lines! Funny but one of the first things we did was take Emma, at Melissa’s suggestion, to the roller coaster The Whizzer. Emma had no clue what was about to hit her and I was very uneasy because even though it is an older coaster and is a smooth ride, it goes quite fast and goes around in some tight circles. Well, Emma really liked it! LOL! She got scared but was more exhilerated than anything!
After that we went Emma went on several kiddie rides and then we waited in a line to go on The Little Dipper. This coaster was brought here from the now defunct Kiddieland and is a coaster that I remember riding as a kid. Funny but back then this coaster seemed soooo big. Now it is sooooo small! But, for nostalgia sake we rode it and it was exactly as I remembered it Emma was more scared on this one even though it is smaller and slower. It is a wooden coaster and a rough ride! Oh, I taped the ride with my Flip camera and was scolded afterwards by the teenager working there! Too funny! Emma had fun and so did Mommy and I. Until next year!!!

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