Here We Go Again…..

Melissa goes out of town again this week from Monday until Friday! 🙁 Very disheartening and puts a damper on being able to really enjoy Easter Sunday. Every time this happens it feels like a snowball going down a mountain that is getting bigger and bigger. The question “What is your career and salary costing you?” runs in the background always propping its head like the bad angel on the shoulder. I know some people would say that if I don’t like it then I should Go Get A Job(See my last post for rationale on this) but I am not sure they can relate fully to this. It is very easy to judge when you are not in somebody else’s shoes.

This is the first time I have written about this subject prior to her going out of town. The full frustration has not set in whatsoever and I can only imagine how this post would have been different if today was next Friday.

I know that there will be some in our inner circle that would have strong opinions on this that may differ from mine. I also know that I have been trying to grow my home businesses and have recently asked for their assistance in getting their home services that they already pay for through my business instead of the big corporations(see but have only received very few responses (thank you very much those who replied). I can only say that most people are either jealous of us and don’t want to assist us, are only out for themselves or are just too lazy to help. Either way, during the last 5 years I have learned not to depend on anyone for assistance with Emma(babysitting and the like). As I have said in previous posts, we do not have the more common situation that most of our friends have where they have easy access to family/friends for assistance. Granted, we have emergency assistance always available and scheduled ahead of time assistance available but we have never,ever had the kind that I grew up with where relatives were always dropping by and helping with babysitting, etc…. I know that circumstances are much different now but this feeling can’t help but come up.

I know that others have it much worse and I am grateful for what we have. I also know that when Emma has children she will not have to deal with this in regards to Melissa and I. Emma and her husband will have to tell us to stop bothering them to keep us away!

Maybe I shouldn’t post this because it may stir up bad feelings in others in our inner circle– if they even read it. I doubt it…To be honest, I highly doubt that many of them even read this–why? I don’t know but I can only assume…. Experts say that we need to be real and honest with ourselves so I am. This is my blog and I want Emma to know what her Dad thought when she was little. I want her to know as much about me as she can so that she can reminisce and share with her children someday.

Now, Easter is tomorrow and it is definitely a joyful time. The meaning of it makes our little problems seem so trivial and insignificant. It is a time to be appreciative and to enjoy being with family. Emma will enjoy seeing the Easter Bunny as she always does on Easter! As usual, I will think back to many fond Easter memories that I have experienced, especially when I was a kid! Ahhh, the simple times!!!

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