Home Sick from School–Mommie gone until Friday, “Daddy, I Love You”

Well,  as if another business trip for 4 nights wasn’t bad enough, Emma was off school Monday for Easter Monday and then on Monday nite had a very bad case of the runs that occurred in the late hours of the night…:(

She stayed home on Tuesday because her tummy was really bad for the entire day. She was afraid to eat and drink for fear it would keep happening so it was definitely a struggle to get her to drink anything. Her spirits were pretty good though and she took it with a grain of salt and humor. I used the situation to try to get her to eat bananas so the “icky diarrhea” wouldn’t come back. Every time she went to the bathroom for days afterwards this topic would come up lol. Of course the Wii game–Winter Olympics, where Emma has become an elite snowboarder and skiier–kept her occupied and on the couch.

She went to school Wednesday–whew–and got sick again late that night..Ughhh…. What a mess…again…:( She seemed fine the next day and went to school. She acted like she felt better and it turned out that this was the last gasp of the bug she had. Whew!!!! How draining is this?

There are many moments that happen during some days that make the whole stay at home dad thing worth it and that lift my spirits. I am not sure if Emma can read my feelings and know that I am feeling down because I really feel like I put on a very good act for her–I don’t want her to be exposed to any of the dilemmas, anxiety, despair, etc…..that I sometimes feel in this life changing and opinion changing(I am a very ardent supporter of my friends’ wives who take care of their kids) endeavor that I have been on for 5 years now.

One of those moments came when out of the blue Emma walked up to me and said, “Daddy I love you.” Warms the heart just writing this……I wonder if she can understand the incredible turmoil that I sometimes feel(the caged lion I have talked about in the past)when the days get long and I feel isolated(for reasons I have stated in the past) and trapped–like a “hostage”(Melissa hates when I use this term but I want it on record here so that Emma can know about it in the future.

A week like this where Melissa is not here the whole week really takes its toll–I have no idea how many housewives deal with this and if they even care about their spouse traveling like I do. I have a feeling that they have a better support system in that many other Moms are home during the day for them to hang out with etc…..It is not reality to think that I would be hanging out with other women during the day–my wife wouldn’t feel comfortable with this and I am sure the womens’ husbands would not be too keen on it….Or am I wrong? Hmmm….Lol!

Anyway, just another week here in stay at home dad land! And, no long trips on the near horizon for Melissa…yet!!!

And, Emma, “I Love You!” 🙂

Thank you sweetie!

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