Hook, I Want to Be Safe, Let’s Talk for Awhile, Maybe I’m Little & Maybe I’m Big, Zoo

Funny how Emma has changed regarding what she likes to watch on TV. Gone are the days when she would watch Wonderpets, The Wiggles, The Doodlebops, and Jay Jay the Jet Plane. In are the days of Monsters Inc., Cars, Shrek, Nemo, Ariel, and for the last week or so Peter Pan.

Emma has had a fascination with Captain Hook(Hook) since she saw him at the Disney World live show last April. She was afraid to go by the statue that is at Navy Pier. She just started watching Peter Pan and I have to say that it brings back memories for me. I had forgotten what it was all about but watching it again brought back fond memories. Emma likes Tinkerbell and loves how they can fly. She mimics the flying bu putting her arms out while saying, “I want to fly in the sky.” When she sees Hook she sometimes gets scared and runs by me and says, “I want to be safe” and gets on my lap. These moments won’t be forgotten and will definitely be brought up when she is an adult.

Melissa and Emma have a new thing where when Melissa takes her to bed they talk for a while. Too funny when Emma says, “Lets talk for awhile.” That is something that is too cute to see and very special between them.

Whenever Emma does something that a “big girl” would do I say something like, “You are such a big girl…but you are still little.” Or, “You are still little but you are getting so big.” She has turned this into, “Maybe I’m little & maybe I’m big.” She will say this 3 or 4 times and it is too funny. She will alternate “Maybe I’m little & maybe I’m big” with “Maybe I’m big & maybe I’m little.” She does this several times until I say it back to her.

Melissa’s company had a family night at the Zoo the other night which was fun. To be at the zoo at night is pretty cool as the Lions and Tigers are up and about. Emma liked them. She also liked yelling at the polar bear to “Wake up.” She really liked the cool light up toy she got as well as dancing to the live band that was there. I took some video clips of it and will have them posted here. It was a very fun evening with some very nice people.

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