Megan & Chrissy! The Witch! Tigger & Pooh! My Name!

So, we just returned from our 2nd trip to Orlando and Disney World. We got to stay with Emma’s uncle Mark, aunt Tina, and her cousins Chrissy and Megan. It was a very fun time watching Emma with her 2 cousins. They played well together, in general. There were some pushing incidents throughout the trip with a sort of power struggle going on. Nothing serious but we got to see a “bully” side of Emma that I have never seen before. When we got home, Emma kept talking about them and how she wants to go back to “Mark’s house.”

We had lots of fun at Disney World…again. Emma got to see “The Witch” again and although she was scared, she decided that she liked her now! Too funny! She went on the flying Dumbo ride, the flying dino ride(at Animal Kingdom), the merry-go-round, and got to meet Tigger, Pooh, & Debbie! Living vicariously through my daughter is lots of fun!!

One thing I have learned is that things are much more complicated and take much longer now that we have a child. This was hit home during our trip. Just getting ready to go somewhere and the task of keeping our little sweetie under control, etc… takes lots more time and energy. But, the trade off is well worth it!

Emma now knows her first and last name. She also knows both of our first and last names as well. Of course she likes to say “Hey Ken!” like she heard her Mom saying a while back when she was calling for me.

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