Hotten! Kitty! Granny Walk, Look at Me! Buddy!

We all know that women love chocolate. Heck, I love chocolate! Well, Emma is no exception. Now, we aren’t the kind of people that eat many sweets as it is but we do treat ourselves to some as well as Emma once in a while.

She loves M&Ms and anything with chocolate. She has come up with her own name for chocolate, where I have no idea. She calls chocolate Hotten. Yes, she asks for hotten at all times during the day now. I give her Special K breakfast bars in assorted flavors. Her favorite flavor is the chocolate drizzle. She likes to eat the hotten off first.

Her favorite treat though, is Kitty! There are Hello Kitty brand fruit flavored gummy bear type treats that she now wakes up talking about. Everything is Kitty, Kitty! When she knows we are getting some out she couldn’t be happier. She will eat them as fast as we can give them to her so we give them slowly. When she knows she is on the last couple pieces she will carry them around with her to save for later.

A recent development is the fact that she now eats, and asks for, apples. She likes sliced apples and has even started to eat the cheese squares that come with the sliced apples. This is big because she does not like her fruits or vegetables. Bananas have been the one constant so this is good news. Up to now we have been making sure she gets the equivalent of fruits & vegetables by giving her V8 fusion juice(Stay at home Dad tip). She likes this juice as much as any other juice.

When we ask her if she wants something that we know she likes she will say, “Yeah, mmmm.” Everything that she likes is “Yeah, mmmm.”

We were recently chasing each other around the house when I decided to teach Emma the Granny Walk. As you can probably picture, it is walking while hunched over and swinging your arms to and fro while they are out to the sides. All I have to do is tell her to do the Granny Walk and she goes to it. I am sure we look pretty funny walking around the house like this.

She especially likes to look at herself in the mirror. Not sure if she picked this up from her Mama(just kidding) but she will strike many poses in front of the fll length mirror. It is hilarious to watch her looking at herself and talking to herself(Yes, she talks about Kittys to herself too.)

The highlight of our weekend was when Emma finally got to see the Easter Bunny(she says Buddy.) Now, I took her to the mall several times last week and she saw the Buddy and wanted to go see it but I didn’t bring her to actually sit on its lap because I wanted to do it with Melissa too. On the weekend, however, there was a line to see it so we had to wait awhile. Emma decided that she was going to go up to the front by the fence and look at the Buddy. She got its attention as she kept yelling Buddy! it waved at her and she yelled, “Hi!” and kept waving. Needless to say, she got lots of smiles from other people in line. When she finally got to go to the Buddy she ran to it. She was so happy to sit on its lap and kept looking at it and then to us saying, “Buddy, Buddy!” We got great pictures and then she didn’t want to leave.LOL It was hilarious! So many kids couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there and here she was holding up the line! We finally got her out of there after a few high 5s with the Buddy. I am sure she made its day!

She loved the Buddy last year as well. She couldn’t walk or really talk back then–seems like long time ago–but she couldn’t stay away from it. We got great pictures then as well.

A closing note for now, I cannot for the life of me understand how a father or mother would not want to share something like this with their children. This is something special that will always be with us and if I did not have it I would be really missing something special. There was a line in one of my favorite movies(No, not The Omega Man) The Family Man, that stuck with me even before we had Emma. When describing the process of seeing his kids grow up, the main character played by Nicholas Cage stated that “it was like witnessing a miracle.” Well, he wasn’t lying.

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