High Heels, ShiffBeeAhhDee, No! No! Yoda, Go Dada! Caged Lion

In the morning, Emma sometimes likes to play in our room for awhile before we go downstairs. She loves to go in our bathroom and look in the bathtub while playing with her bath toys. In fact, sometimes when she gets up in the morning, she opens her bedroom door and goes straight into our bathroom to do this. She will play for awhile before going to the hallway where the gate is and stand there and yell, “Dada, Daddy!” or, if Melissa is home, “Momma!”

She likes to put Melissa’s slippers on her feet(beet) and walk around in them. The other day she came walking up to me wearing Mama’s High heels! She was walking pretty good in them too! HAHA! What a little ham! Anyway, I didn’t let her continue and she got mad at me so I put the shoes up high on the fireplace mantel so she couldn’t get them and I gave her the slippers.

Lunch is always a challenge as I don’t want to always give her the same things that she likes–especially chicken nuggets. While at Walgreens recently I saw an old favorite of mine that I loved as a kid. Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and Ravioli. I bought the beefaroni first. Emma liked it a little but wouldn’t really eat it the 2nd or 3rd times I gave it to her. Needless to say I couldn’t let that good stuff go to waste so I ate it..MMMMM

The next time I got the mini-ravioli. Oila! She really likes them(Stay at home dad tip). In fact, she ate lots! She even says Chef Boyardee (ShiffBeeAhhDee).

Emma loves the cats. She especially loved Baxter, who we had to put down about a year ago. She likes to chase Walter because he doesn’t run fast and doesn’t jump to high places so she can get him. He doesn’t swat at her or bite so she knows she can have her way. Funny watching her chase him all over and grab his tail and sit on him. He likes the attention but doesn’t like the rough stuff.

Yoda, on the other hand, will swat at her, he has scratched her before (like she didn’t deserve it?) but is pretty good about keeping his claws in. He runs fast and jumps up to high places to get away. He even plays with the Popadee(straws connected together) with Emma when she hits him with it.

Today, I gave her raisin toast, another favorite of hers and mine, and broke it in 3 pieces as she likes. I went in kitchen and then heard Emma saying, “No, No! No!!” I went to see what was up and there she is with all 3 pieces of toast in her hands looking down at Yoda who was licking her plate and yelling at him for it. She did save the toast!

Melissa taught Emma how to chase us around the kitchen(we run in complete circle around the wall separating kitchen and living room). The little stinker likes to order me to GO now. This means that I am to start running so that she can chase me. Well, gone are the days when I could put her in her bouncy chair and she was stuck there lol. She is making sure that I get some exercise now!

Thinking back to the early days, once I got past the first couple days of being alone with her things became easier. I got into a routine and Emma got used to being with Dada and not having the Tatas during the day. (More on the Tatas later!) I thought it would be pretty good and easy for me. Well, this feeling did not last long.

I believe that men in general are not naturally built, either physically or mentally, for the full time caring of a child. Physically is obvious especially during the breastfeeding days. The mental part is the part that was and still can be a constant battle. You see, sometimes I feel like a caged lion, stuck in the house(especially in winter) or not being able to be alone to do whatever it is I wanted to do, not that I wanted to do something but it is just that the option is no longer there. Sure I could bring the baby but that entails getting her dressed, making sure her bag has the proper supplies, etc….. It is work just getting ready to go out!(It has gotten much easier as she has gotten older, however.)

The trips to the mall or to visit Nona and the looong walks(more on these in the future) around the neighborhood and to the park helped to ease the anxiety but I still felt tied down. I was always used to going to the gym everyday and being out and about and now I was tied down big time. Even now, when I go to the store at night I get a feeling of freedom! Very difficult to deal with and something all potential stay at home dads and their spouses need to consider. It will be easier now that Emma is mobile and somewhat independent and can run around. I am, however, sure that the caged lion will rear its head from time to time.

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