I Can Open Doors! Having fun with Nonnie!

The little cutie pie can open doors now. The baby monitor no longer warns me that she is stirring as she sometimes gets up in stealth mode. I barely hear anything until I hear her at the top of the stairs–Thank goodness for the gates– yelling “Daddy.” Yesterday morning I woke up and opened my eyes to see her bedroom door opening up. I pretended to still be sleeping when she looked at me, yelled “Dada” and ran to my bedside to wake me up. So cute!!!

She likes to show off her new ability to open doors. She will close it so she can re-open it. So proud she is. I am buying a hook latch for our basement door because she loves going down there with me to play with balls, dance to old music–I only had Little River Band and Tom Petty CDs down there–and sit on the “high” stools. She also loves all the cool strobe lights that we have down there.

Since Nonnie has been here the last couple weeks, I have had lots of relief and have been going back to the gym. It feels a little like old times seeing the old basketball buddies at Gottlieb. My sisters had it good when Nonnie was still living here while their kids were little and they had a reliable babysitter. Emma loves it too. She sometimes “shuns” me in favor of Nonnie. It is very funny. I have been able to get lots of other things done during this time too. A few hours of “me time” is very important and I highly recommend it, if possible, for new parents.

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