Kaylen, I Like to Move It Move It, Patti-Cake, Nice & Snuggly Warm

Emma recently got to know her cousin Kaylen better. For awhile now we have been notified that Kaylen wanted to babysit for Emma. We finally set it up and it went very well.

Kaylen slept overnight here and the next day she had her first crack at watching the little stinker! Of course during the morning hours I was here but I pretty much stayed in the office. In the afternoon I went to the health club. How nice it is to be able to do the thing that i love and have been used to doing for the last 20 years at that time of day! I came home refreshed and Emma didn’t even care that I was gone.

Of course, the next morning Emma woke me up as usual and then she said that she wanted to go get Kaylen as if she was in the spare bedroom. Emma talked about Kaylen for the next couple days and kept telling me that she wanted her to come over. Looks like she has a new bud.

Ever since we went to the movies to see Madagascar 2 Emma has been wanting to watch the first one which we have on DVD. She really loves the song,”I like to move it, move it!” She has come up with a certain dance that she does while shrugging her shoulders looking all cute! Of course I join in and we dance away! Emma sings the words also. She even sings this song when the movie is not on. She is getting songs stuck in her head like the rest of us now!

A new game that Melissa has taught Emma is Patti-cake. They do it quite well together, I have never seemed to get this one down as far as the hands and how the claps go…. When Melissa is at work I am called upon to perform this with Emma and I give it my best shot. This is another jingle that Emma walks around singing every now and then.

When Emma gets her pajamas on she has a saying that she says. I think Melissa taught her this and we all say it now when we put Emma’s pajamas on. Emma loves to say it, every time we put her jammies on she says,” Oh, they are nice and snuggly warm!” She even says this when we dress her in clothes which she says are “Just like jammies.” Looks like she will be wearing lots of pajamas and sweat clothes!

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