Happy Thanksgiving! Snow!! “I Don’t Need You Daddy and I Don’t Need Momma, I’m a Big Girl”, Abonabo, The Bodeepot

Thanksgiving was busy, busy, busy! Emma got to go to Grandma & grandpa’s and played with her cousins Lauren & Nicole. She really loves Lauren since she is younger than Nicole. I think Lauren is about 8 or 9 and Nicole is 13. Emma kept Nicole busy that is for sure!

Emma also got to “play” with her 95(I think) year old Bucia. Funny how she has always been attracted to her…Maybe because she sees her as somewhat of a child? Bucia loved it too! Watching her, she looks at Emma with a wonderment that rivals my own! Even at that age, she seems to be reliving her own childhood.

After Grandma & Grandpa’s we went to Auntie Mary’s house where Emma got her second wind–after sleeping 1/2 hour in the car. Emma got to play with everyone after acting shy for the 1st 15 minutes. She especially liked her older cousins Gianna and Sylvana. She spent lots of time with them which allowed us to socialize with the adults which we rarely are able to do nowadays. Emma like the little(tiny) dog Fred. little did she know that the little bugger was trying to bite her and was grabbing her pants when all she was doing was laughing her butt off!

It was very nice as we were able to talk with my sisters, brothers in law, nieces and nephews much more than we have been able to do since meeting them all in March. Emma eventually insisted on sitting on Auntie Lena’s lap for a long time and really enjoyed the brownies she gave her! Lots of brownies! LOL Was truly a Happy Thanksgiving that we are grateful for!

We got our first significant snowfall and boy did Emma want to get out there in it! After taking what seemed like forever in getting both of us dressed properly we finally trekked out into the tundra…

Watching her walk reminded me of the little boy that could hardly walk in the movie <span style=”font-style:italic;”>A Christmas Story</span>. She liked walking in the shallow snow closer to the house. When I got her out to the grass she got a bit scared when the snow went over her feet! LOL After reassuring her that she wouldn’t sink or anything she held my hand and we ventured out to the front yard. She liked the driveway as it was shallow there and she liked walking in my footsteps behind me. We ended up in the back on the patio where she wanted to run, run, run! I decided to oblige her in the hopes of wearing her out so she would take her nap easier. Boy was I wrong about that! She is a machine that avoids sleep at all cost! Mostly at our cost! LOL

Emma’s new thing is to tell us that she doesn’t need us. She sure wants us to know just how independent she is becoming. For instance, if she sleeps all the way through the night in her own room–she has been coming in our bed at night(see abonabo below)– she will tell me/us “I slept in my room all by myself, I don’t need you Daddy/Momma, I’m a big girl” Way too cute!! She does this for other things such as eating with forks/spoons, and brushing her teeth. Boy is she growing up fast!

Since it is Christmas time now we decided to pull out or Christmas DVDs and see if Emma likes them. You know the ones, my favorites as a kid: Rudolph The Red-Nosed reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, Santa Claus is Coming To town. Well we picked Rudolph and Emma showed some interest but was not fixated on it….not until The Abominable Snowman showed up! Boy did he make an impression! Almost as big an impression as the Witch! She didn’t act scared while watching it or anything and when the scenes changed she kept asking where Abonabo went. TOO funny the way she says it–with so much passion! Anyway, the night ended without incident. Until she came into our bed in the middle of the night. In the morning she kept talking about Abonabo and that he was in her room… She didn’t act as scared as she did when she had her witch episodes and she actually talks like she likes Abonabo. guess it is a love/hate relationship huh? She will have many of those in her future I am sure!

Emma has developed her own word/saying and we have no idea where she learned it. She says “The Bodeepot” and sometimes adds “Go to” and “Play in” in front of them. Maybe I should try searching for this term as maybe she is speaking a different language? LOL! We will monitor this and try to figure it out.

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