To the Mall with Jeff & Jo, Car Track, Aquarium

Another “milestone’ that was recently achieved was Emma going somewhere in someone else’s car without me or Melissa. It may sound strange but Emma has not been anywhere in someone else’s car without us. But since she really loves My uncle Jeff and his wife Jo and since I trust them and like some free time, they decided to bring Emma to Woodfield mall. Before they left Jeff told me that they would see me at 4! That was about 6 hours from then! It was strange watching her get in their car and then wave to me as they drove away. I felt an almost sense of loss and worry…..It lasted about a minute or two until the realization that I had a free 5 or 6 hours to myself set in! Well, I made the most of it by going to the old health club and seeing the old basketball buds. It was a great day for me to rest up and recharge the emotional batteries.
When they got home, I heard about how Emma would not stop talking to them and that she behaved very well. It was cool to hear how she enjoyed her time with them and it was OK that I wasn’t with her….
When I was a kid, I really enjoyed my Hotwheels cars and the orange plastic track that they would roll on. Well, I was at ToysRus the other day and checked out the cool toys that I enjoyed and that I thought Emma might enjoy. She has always played with the cars I had already bought her so I decided to buy the track set. Well, it was definitely a hit! We set it up by attaching it to the stairs by the kitchen and connecting it down and into the living room. Emma really enjoyed rolling the cars down the track as I stayed at the end and lined the cars up where they stopped to see which one was the fastest. The Hotwheels cars were faster than the Matchbox cars and the generic brand cars. Oh, I even have fun playing and re-living some childhood memories!
Another project and activity that we got into was that of an updated aquarium. We upgraded ours and sold the old one online and had fun setting up the new one and buying some new fish. Emma really enjoys watching and feeding the fish and seeing the big orange fish chase the other little ones! For me, it is really relaxing to watch them when Emma and Melissa are asleep. Another thing that I remember doing as a kid…. Do we have a theme going here??
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