Navy Pier, Happy New Year! Birthday Party!

We took Emma to Navy Pier for the Christmas extravaganza. We met Doug and his family that includes 3 boys ages 1,5 and 8. Well, it was very cool even for me. So many lights and Christmas decorations as well as so many things for kids to do.

Emma rode on the train with Melissa, rode the Merry Go Round a couple times but her favorite thing was to play in the ball tent and candy cane tunnel areas. She played with Adam, age 5, in this area and when the time was up for her group of kids to leave she was the last one to leave–actually Melissa had to get her out, lol.

There was also a magic show and candy! She had lots of fun!

On New Years Eve we had a party. Doug and his family came so Emma got to see the boys again. A real shocker was that Jaime and his family came–he never comes to anything. Emma took a real liking to Jaime’s wife Annie. She practically kidnapped Annie the whole night! Besides having fun with Annie Emma had fun with the boys. It was a great night even though Emma was up until about 1am!

It seems we have seen Doug and his family a lot lately. Well, how bout one more event to make it 3. Doug had a 1st birthday party for Luke where there was over 20 kids. Emma was the youngest to be running around but she went right into the thick of it even though there were some rowdy older boys all over the place. Emma actually sat down and ate some food–probably since she saw all the other kids eating. And, oh the cake and cookies! Yummm!

This holiday season was definitely the busy one for us. We had 13 parties in a month. Emma socialized with so many people and had so much fun that this stay at home dad can’t complain that we were so busy!

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