New Word, Guilt, Calling for Mama,Hurry She’s Sleeping!

Today Emma woke up in a good mood. I heard her on the monitor calling for Dada and tried to finish some work for my business.

This brings up the fact that even though I stay up late–I really appreciate the quiet time now— I purposely get up early so that I can: first have my coffee and slowly wake up(I am not a morning person) and second: go through the seemingly endless number of emails I get overnight and get business work “finished” before Emma wakes up.

Well, she woke up happy as she does most of the time, and proceeded to show me her new sheets that have frogs and flowers. She pointed at a flower and after I said flower she said the word Flower for the 1st time. Sounds corny but every time she says a new word or does something new it is a blessing for me and I can’t understand any father(or mother) who would not want to be a witness to something so special.

Another thing she did today was talk into a cup so that she can hear herself. Of course I copied her.

A funny thing she did was go up to the garbage can in the basement and smell the bag sticking out and then say “Nonnie.” Nonnie is my Mom who smokes. 🙁 The garbage has ashes in it and the bag smells like ashes! LOL

A challenge at eating time is when Emma decides to throw her food, cheerios in this instance, onto the floor. Ughh…. She ate pretty good though.

Another challenge is when I had to proofread an audit and try to get things done around house, (dishes.) Emma likes to play with me and will play by herself especially when I put her favorite shows on(Hi-5 and Wiggles.) I struggle with guilt when I am not paying attention to her for extended periods of time.  I really need to get some things done and when she is around it is a bit more difficult.  I am sure that other people can relate!

The hardest thing to deal with for me is when Emma calls for Mama. She did it today when waking up from her nap. Wasn’t too bad today but can be heartbreaking when Mama isn’t coming home for the night(when out of town for work.)

Last for today is that when she finally takes her nap, I find myself feeling a bit of pressure to get things done before she wakes up!  People at work have deadlines….When she naps is when I feel like I have them too.

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