Reverse Sexism Against Stay at Home Dads?

I am attaching an article as taken from Rebel Dad at It is quite obvious that reverse sexism is being undertaken in Missouri. Being that stay at home dads will be discriminated against we probably won’t hear a peep. But if it was the other way around though…Hmmm… What do you think?

Wingnut Declares Dads Can’t Match Moms in the Nurturer Department

Before I go on an rip a Missouri lawmaker for a staggering stupid comment about fathers, let me first say that I am in favor of tax breaks and other government incentives to at-home parents. I feel even more strongly that *all* parents, regardless of employment status, should get some government largess.

That said, let me be the latest to call Missouri state rep Cynthia Davis out for a bill that would give at-home moms — but not at-home dads — 600 bucks a year to spend on their own education. Without the blatant reverse sexist, it’s a great idea. With Davis’ contention that the bill should benefit only women because “Mothers are natural nurturers. Fathers are not. It goes back to the hunter and gatherers type,” it becomes borderline idiotic.

Way to go Rebel Dad!

More info: From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“Every rule we pass in this building either encourages or discourages a behavior,” Davis said, and added that this rule encouraged women to stay at home with their children. “When your child falls down and gets a boo-boo, you’re there to kiss it better.”

Davis said the bill would also help women re-enter the work force after their children were grown.

Rep. Mike Thompson, R-Maryville, asked why fathers weren’t included. For example, he said, if a wife earns more money, then the husband might be the logical parent to stay home.

Davis said that women were “built-in nurturers” and that they could do some things — namely, breast-feed — that men couldn’t.

Rep. Mary Still, D-Columbia, said the focus should be on encouraging young women to start working more quickly, rather than to put off work.

She cited her own mother, who was widowed with four children and was unprepared to go back to work. “This seems to reinforce that idea of not moving into the work force,” Still said.


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