YouTube Videos, Dirty Deeds! Cousin Kylie, Superbowl & Vincent! At the Park in February!

So, Emma has been into a new activity lately. She loves to “Go in the office” to watch YouTube videos. Yes, at almost 3 years of age she is now literate in Web 2.0!

We have a ton of bookmarked videos that she watches. Besides watching the short video clips of herself that I have recorded over the years–wow, over the years already!–she really enjoys watching the homemade videos of Disney clips/characters set to popular songs. The videos have to have actual video clips and not just pictures or else she will tell me to “Change it.”

Her favorite video is set to the AC/DC song “Dirty Deeds” and features all of the bad or “mean” characters of all the Disney movies that she likes. When the song starts playing she immediately starts with the head bobbing. Looks like she is definitely shaping up to be Mommy’s mini-me!

Emma recently met her 2nd cousin Kylie. We met in a restaurant and G-ma(Melissa’s grandmother) was there too. Emma took a liking to Kylie right off the bat and didn’t leave her alone the whole night. We dropped Kylie off at Emma’s aunt Nancy and Uncle Fred–Emma loves them too– and Emma got fired up just in time for bedtime. She kept talking about Kylie for several days afterward.

We had a Superbowl party at our place. Emma got the distinct honor to have both Kylie and her cousin Vincent, who is 6 months older than Emma, here. Uncle Fred and Nancy also came. Emma and Vinnie played pretty well for a long time. They went in the basement and made a mess of all her toys. But, as is the case with all kids, there were those moments when we heard phrases yelled out such as, “Mine! Gimme that! and No!” This, as well as Vincents occasional yells and cries–seems Emma remembers the time when she was maybe a year old and Vinny slammed a toy on her head….What comes around….LOL They like each other and it will be cool to see them growing up together!

To those people that always complain that winters here are too cold…I don’t disagree with you but I want you to know that days like we had recently here make the prospect of spring very exciting! It was recently about 65 degrees out and Emma and I went to the park and for our usual walk around the pond. It was weird because as I was walking I was “reminiscing” about the previous 3–can’t believe we have this many years under our belts already!– summers that we took the same walk. Each year represents a leap forward in her development and I wonder what this year and next will bring… Anyway, we had lots of fun outside, it was too bad that Emma’s 2 friends, Bridget and Nicole, were not there to share the wonderful day.

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