Go, Hello, Emma Under the Weather, New Family

Us at the “union party” with most of my new family The last couple of days have brought a couple new words. Nonnie had Emma and her cousin Taylor for a couple days. They played some kind of game where the word Go is used. Emma now says “Go” to me. Not sure if she wants me to get out of here but she likes saying it. Today, I got home and Nonnie said to watch Emma. She gave her the pretend phone and Emma put it to her ear and said “Hello”. She showed Mommie when she got home. Too funny! Emma is under the weather with a cold. It is very stressful. Especially when I tried to get her to sleep …Read more […..]

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Poppadee, Colors, Cousin Taylor

The last two days Emma has been saying a new word that we have no idea where she learned it from. Nonnie attached 4 straws together then attached them to part of a baster. Emma has been walking around with it and tapping it on the floor while saying, “Poppadee…Poppadee.” It is hilarious! Amazing how she is coming up with words on her own. She says “Me” and “Mine” and knows and says her colors, purple(her favorite, blue, yellow, red, green, and orange. She really loves to color and says “color” whenever she wants to. She is a little smarty–I know all parents say that but she really is! Her …Read more […..]

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