Go, Hello, Emma Under the Weather, New Family

Us at the “union party” with most of my new family

The last couple of days have brought a couple new words. Nonnie had Emma and her cousin Taylor for a couple days. They played some kind of game where the word Go is used. Emma now says “Go” to me. Not sure if she wants me to get out of here but she likes saying it.

Today, I got home and Nonnie said to watch Emma. She gave her the pretend phone and Emma put it to her ear and said “Hello”. She showed Mommie when she got home. Too funny!

Emma is under the weather with a cold. It is very stressful. Especially when I tried to get her to sleep for her nap. I am already stressed to get her to nap in the first place but today was rough. It took 2 tries to get her to sleep.

The first try looked good. I rocked her while she drank a Baba and she fell asleep. I put her in bed and she slept for 2 minutes then took the bottle and threw it aside then sat up and began talking like she had just drank an energy drink.

About an hour and a half later I brought her up again. It was an “under pressure” time since it was getting late in the day and she needed to sleep this time. She didn’t want to cooperate. She didn’t want to rock and didn’t want the Baba at first. I had to keep lying her down and telling her to go to sleep and stop kicking her legs. She was over tired now–not a good thing. I pretended like I was sleeping and after 1/2 hour I offered her the Baba which she took. She fell asleep pretty good but this time she was very stuffed up. She was tossing and woke up several times due to her stuffy nose, etc….

We have been very lucky that Emma hasn’t really gotten sick. It is very hard to watch her struggle to sleep due to a cold or whatever she may have. This is a minor thing but still causes stress and makes me think that I wish I could take the illness away from her and into me. I can’t imagine what other parents must go through with a serious illness.  Incredible to think about…….

Oh, I have gotten one vote for this Blog being gay. Wonder who that is from?!

We recently had the incredible opportunity to welcome a whole new family into our lives. Emma now has many new relatives that she will get to know and we feel very blessed. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother that I had never met until recently. They all have many children and lots of other relatives. Their kindness is beyond what our expectations were. We look forward to knowing them more.

Me with my “new” Brother & Sisters!

Funny how life can “turn on a dime”….

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