Poppadee, Colors, Cousin Taylor

The last two days Emma has been saying a new word that we have no idea where she learned it from. Nonnie attached 4 straws together then attached them to part of a baster. Emma has been walking around with it and tapping it on the floor while saying, “Poppadee…Poppadee.” It is hilarious!

Amazing how she is coming up with words on her own. She says “Me” and “Mine” and knows and says her colors, purple(her favorite, blue, yellow, red, green, and orange. She really loves to color and says “color” whenever she wants to.

She is a little smarty–I know all parents say that but she really is!

Her 5 yr old cousin Taylor stayed here the last 2 nights and Emma had a blast! They played nice and ran all over the place. Taylor taught Emma how to pretend to cook in a kitchen and they danced to Hi-5 together and wore Nonnie out! I have a feeling there will be many sleepovers in the future!

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