The Big Boys! “Can I Tell You Something?” Privacy While in Bathroom..

Emma has become good friends with the boys down the street. There are 2 boys, Evan and Ethan, that are a year older than her as well as a boy, Nathan, that is a year younger then her. They live down the street and love to come to our cul-de-sac where they can ride their bikes, their motorized cars, and scooters with her. It is so funny to watch them playing because Emma leads the way with the puppy dog boys following along. When they are at their house and Emma is in our front yard, they are constantly yelling messages back and forth. The little guy, Nathan, is the most vocal and aggressive about playing with Emma. The Big Boys are more quiet and shy. In the future, it will be interesting to see how these guys act towards Emma and vice-versa. It could be quite the situation!

When Emma wants to say something to us she has started to begin her sentences with, “Can I tell you something?” It is funny to see her acting so mature at times!

Since she started going to the bathroom on the toilet like a big girl, Emma preferred to leave the door open, probably so she could see/hear us. She has started to close the door and tell us that she needs her privacy. I  think, however, that she has an ulterior motive since she ends up staying in there a long time making lots of bubbles and a big mess in/on the sink when washing her hands. So, I give her a little time with her privacy then I listen in and hear what she is doing so that there isn’t a huge mess in there when she is done.

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