Taking Emma to School—Priceless!

So, I am glad I went with my gut and didn’t listen to the naysayers who were telling me that Emma should take the bus to school because it would be good for her. Well, instead of the awesome pleasure of riding on a school bus, Emma is able to further bond with her Daddy! Which is the better option? Hmmmmm…..


As we were walking the half block from the car to school today, I couldn’t help but think about this. I parked in the usual area and we walked holding hands as always past the crossing guard and to the school. It was a beautiful morning today and we talked as we always do about the exciting things she will be doing in school! I always build up the anticipation of the awesome things she will do in school! Quite different than how I felt as a kid going to school LOL! We always hug and she goes into the school. I always watch her go in and make the right turn towards her class. I always feel a bit sad when I go back to the car but also very happy that she really likes school! We do the same thing when I pick her up. I wait in the same area and she comes running out and hugs me. She is always excited and very talkative about the most exciting things that happened during her day! She always mentions her friend Avery and how they play at recess! And, of course, I try my very best to get what else they did in school out of her. I get bits and pieces of her day and that is very cool. I am so proud of her and am so grateful that I can experience this rather than just walking her to the bus stop. It also feels- for both of us- that I am part of her school experience. I guess being a Stay at Home Dad has its perks!

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