1st Burn, Halloween Party at School, Trick or Treat! Little Miss Prissy

Emma suffered her first burn and it was a small one thank goodness! She was playing with the ceramic halloween pumpkin candle holder while a small candle was indide. This is after we continually told her not to play with this because it is hot. Well, the little stinker took the top off and touched the silver metal part underneath and…Ouch!!! She cried a little bit but once I put medicine on it and a Bandaid(A Princess Bandaid) all was OK. And, she could not help but talk about her booboo any chance she got and to any person she could find! 🙂

Emma’s class had their halloween party at school. Prior to the party the Pastor had a halloween devotion using a pumpkin that he carved for them as the focal point. The kids then had a parade in the gym so that all of the parents could see them in their costumes. They were so cute and so proud of their costumes!!! Pictures are attached.

Emma also went trick or treating with us and this was the year that she really got what trick or treating means–candy!!!! She actually said trick or treat to the people who all adored her and her costume. She was very proud of her candy rewards for her effort!

Emma has developed into a little miss prissy now…. She always looks in the mirror and is fashion conscious. She loves all her shoes, and her Mom’s shoes, as well as all her Princess dresses. She is very particular in her likes and dislikes, particularly her hair ties and clips. She only likes her hair with hair clips/ties on the sides, none in the back or on top. And, Daddy is never in the mood to try to change her mind early in the morning before school so whatever works is good for me!!

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