Bad Behaviors,Christmas Performance

Emma has been experimenting with some bad behaviors lately and I have a feeling that she has been learning them at school–from the other kids!

The first thing she has been doing is when she gets mad at me. She has decided to start saying, “Bad Daddy” or “You’re a bad Daddy.” It gets under my nerves sometimes and I don’t want to over-react so I just tell her that I am not a bad Daddy but am looking out for her–not always in those exact words! Writing this right now makes me laugh when I think of her saying this but hopefully it is a phase–a stinker phase!

The bad behaviors just keep getting worse here. The next one is when she sticks her tongue out at us, again, when she gets mad at us.  Thinking about it now makes me laugh but when she does it I am hardly laughing. She gets a bratty look on her face and sticks her tongue out as if it is a sword or spear jabbing us. I know for sure that she learned this at school as she has mentioned a name of a classmate when we asked where she learned it. Again, we will try to get her to stop this but I am not sure if the threat of having her tongue removed will work(Right Melissa?)…LOL!

The third bad behavior, the worst and much less frequent(Thank Goodness) is spitting. There are the occasional experimental spits where she just does it to see how good she can do it and then there is the mad spitting. Timeouts are swift and immediate when this occurs and she only does it when she is really upset which is not very often. She knows that we dislike this very much and she usually downshifts to the sticking out of the tongue which I just described…..

On a much brighter note, Emma had her 1st school Christmas performance and it was great! The weather was absolutely perfect with a nice and steady snowfall. All the kids and parents were there and the kids all sang great! They acted out the nativity scene and Emma was a Sheppard. After the performance Emma got to see Santa Claus! While waiting in line she got a little wild with the other kids since the line was long and they began getting impatient. When she got in to see him she did really well! She sat on his lap and talked to him and did not act scared like last year.

After Santa, We went to the gym where refreshments were served and the kids ran all over the place. Emma had fun with her friends, especially Claire and Olivia. We took pictures of them as well as Emma’s friend Brooke.

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