1st Day(half) of Kindergarten!

Well, the day finally arrived! After meeting with Emma’s new teacher yesterday for meet the Teacher Day, Emma had her 1st half day of school. Meeting her teacher yesterday relieved some of my anxieties as well as Emma’s since she got an awesome teacher! Her teacher is right up her alley–an energetic and fun sounding young woman. I also learned about the procedures that I will be participating in such as dropping off and picking up.

I set my alarm for 7am but woke up on my own this morning at 6ish in anticipation of today. We let Emma sleep until Mommy went to work and Mommy woke her up. She seemed excited and at ease–even when I couldn’t get her new shoes on her in the final rush to get going before the crazy crowd took all the parking in the neighborhood(the price to pay to drive Emma to school rather than have her take the bus). Of course I struggled with her hair and ended up spraying it with hairspray to try to keep it from getting messed up.


We got to school saw Emma’s best friend Avery’s Dad and sisters walking up.
We walked amidst the controlled chaos to the area where Emma’s teacher and class were and Lo and behold, there is Avery. Well Emma went right by her and they stood in.line next to each other. It was so much easier to have Emma there with a friend! I kinda felt sorry for some of the other kids who didn’t know anyone and looked very nervous and shy. They reminded me of me when I went to kindergarten. It was nice that I knew someone there too as I talked with Avery’s parents. Seemed like old times to see her Mom since I have seen her for the last couple years at Emma’s preschool.

Well, after some pictures and videos, the class was off to walk around the building to their classrooms behind their teachers. It wasn’t so bad for me since I went through this before at preschool and Emma was totally at ease but it was still a bit anxious since this is a new school with totally new people. Afterwards it was like old times as I had a couple hours of free time before having to pick her back up. When I picked her up I got there early and waited outside with the horde of other parents-mostly Moms. A nice mom of one of Emma’s new classmates started talking to me so it wasn’t too awkward as I wasn’t standing there alone with all the women, some who were chit chatting away and others kinda looking around checking things out like I normally do. Well, the young kids were released earlier than the big ones so kindergartners were let out first. Emma came out with her teacher and ran happily to me. I could tell that she had a good time at school!

During the ride home she told me how she played with Avery at the playground- like old times- and liked her teacher. At home I tried to get all the details of her day but got bits and pieces- definitely not like the details I got from her preschool teacher when picking he’d up in the past. I learned that a couple boys were wild, a girl cried when all the pink paper was taken while they colored a “Kissing Hand”, a hand that Emma kissed that I can place on the side of my face whenever I feel lonely and miss her while she is at school-how cute!-and they played on a cool slide where Emma bumped her head but was OK and didn’t cry.

Sounds like a great first day of school and this stay at home dad is hoping tomorrow’s first full day is just as good. Now to get her lunch in order and hope that she is not too tired for the full day coming her way tomorrow.

Talking to Emma about the fact that I will be lonely and sad tomorrow when she is having fun at her first full-day of school, she got a concerned look then smiled as if she felt sorry for me then walked up to me and gave me a big hug while saying,”Daddy I Love You.” A moment I will never forget…She felt bad for me because she likes school and thinks I will be sad here without her. In fact, I will feel sad without her. I will also feel confused at first as to how to delegate my time etc….. As with everything, I will get into a groove and somewhat of a routine schedule since that is how I roll!

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