Bye Bye Yoda, Daddy Will You Stay Here with Me Forever?, Wisconsin for 9 Days!, VBS

I often think about how fast time flies but it really hit home hard recently with the passing of my cat of 17+ years, Yoda.

Emma brushing Yoda about a week before he died.
                                                                  Me holding Yoda 1994

Seems like another completely different life when I got that cute little furball! I was single and lived in my own house all by myself until I got him. He was a constant companion and I brought him everywhere in those early days. He was a playful and energetic cat even until his later years.
He was a definite fighter–he taught me a thing or two about perseverance and determination– he survived cancer and an operation that removed that cancer as well as half of his lower jaw….The decision to have that surgery in January 2005 was a difficult one but I am glad that we did it! He adapted very well and was as fiesty as ever during his last 6+ years.
Emma really liked Yoda too! She played with him lots and even teased him here and there. She knew, however that he would swat at her and that he still had his nails!
It was a difficult time during his last weeks. I knew he was going because he lost so much weight and his appetite was low–he was always a monster eater! I tried everything I could as do to get him to eat more, etc….but nothing worked. The end came peacefully with just me and him and the traveling veterinarian that came to the house–I highly recommend this service:!
Emma was not here during this procedure, she was at the park with Auntie Carol. She knew he was sick and I had told her that Yoda would soon be going to heaven to be with Walter–Yoda’s son who died 2 years earlier. She noticed that Yoda was gone that night and I told her that he had gone to heaven. She was sad….:(
After Yoda’s death Emma frequently asks me, “Daddy, will you stay here with me forever?” She also tells me that she doesn’t want me or Mommy to go to heaven. She knows about death now and the reality that all things will pass. I was a bit older when this realization hit home for me. I was 12 when my uncle died. I remember it vividly. I can’t imagine her without either one of us since she is so close to us. I dread the thought of it. These are the things that keep me diligent to take care of myself so that she doesn’t have to go through any more loss for a long, long time.

Well, we went to Wisconsin for 9 days and it was fun! We had time alone as well as time with Emma’s cousin Vinnie and my friend Doug and his family. I also got to fish with my friend Pete and Doug and his boys. They caught lots of fish and I caught 1! It was fun though! Emma really loves feeding the fish with bread and going in the lake. She is not a swimmer yet but goes in with the inner tube and stays in the shallow area. It was a nice getaway!

Emma also went to vacation Bible school! She loved it and there was no apprehension with either of us like there was last year. She went right in and immediately bonded with the two older girls that were the leaders of her group. She was not in the same group as her best friend Avery though. This was probably for the better as she always wants to goof off with Avery when they are together. 🙂

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