Christmas Party at Lena’s, Lala Here! Sleepover with Lala & KiKi, Merry Christmas!

It was much fun at Lena’s house for her Christmas party. Emma was all over the place playing with all of her older cousins! She really loves Tina and kept her busy. She is friendly with everyone and even smiles at Uncle Vince and Uncle Fred! Of course Emma was spoiled like crazy by her aunts with all kinds of Christmas presents, especially tons of clothes. And, the food was, as usual, excellent!!!!

Emma was really excited when her cousin Lauren(Lala) came to stay here from Florida. Emma really kept lala busy and took the heat off me and Mommie! She really likes lala and always looks for her in “her room”after she leaves here.

Things really got good for Emma when she had a sleepover with Lauren and Kaylen(Kiki). She had 2 older cousins to keep her busy and play with! This was a night that she stayed up late and had fun doing it!

To top off all this fun was Christmas! Emma got to see the rest of her cousins, Aunt Kim and Aunt Kathy(Katty Kathy) and Nonnie & Poppie. In the morning she actually began opening presents. This is the first year that she finally got it and unwrapped presents–with our help.  Later, she played with her cousins Taylor and Shannon in the basement as well as Kiki and Lala. It was a Merry Christmas!

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