Health Club, Comments on Kids’ Amazement

I have always worked out and exercised but the last couple years have brought a change to my workouts. Instead of lifting weights and playing basketball I find myself walking a lot, riding my bike with Emma on board, and generally chasing her around, etc….

I recently brought her to the health club and had her stay in the child care area. The first time I stayed with her for a while then snuck out for 20 minutes as she played with all the new toys. The second time I brought her I left her while I worked out. I made the mistake of trying to peek in on her before taking a shower to make sure she was OK. She was kind of hiding in the playhouse as 2 of the workers were talking to her. I figured that she was “taking care of business” in there as there was privacy which she needs(Funny how kids do this without being taught it). Well, she spotted me and came running out of there and started crying. Needless to say I had to skip the shower there and the workout was over…. The next day I asked if she wanted to go to the Health club and she said no. I asked why and she told me that “The kids took my car.” Ah…. sounds like she was initiated by some bigger kids at the child care area… She has since further explained that she was playing with a red car and “The Kids” took it from her…. Her first, and definitely not last, lesson on the tribulations of life….

The lion has still been stirring and a bit of resentment building regarding the lack of assistance we have experienced the last couple years. I know that many parents do it–I am amazed how single Moms with multiple children and 2 jobs, etc… do it! But I also know that many parents do not have this type of situation either.

While I was walking Emma the other day–and it was a perfect day– I began thinking about all the fun times I had as a child playing outside. Everything was amazing and I could turn a 4 foot piece of land into: a battlefield for my toy soldiers, a racetrack for my hotwheel cars, a construction area for my tonka trucks, or a fort for my cowboys and indians….. Everything I remember doing was through the eyes of a child with kid-like amazement. Everything was grand and exciting!

Emma has these qualities and it brings it back out of me. Some people, and I know some friends of mine, would think I was “gay” or crazy if they saw the way I acted with Emma sometimes, exaggerating my speech, dancing around and singing, etc…. I think we all should keep our child-like playful qualities(some would say our Inner Child) and not be afraid to express it. Now, I am secure with myself and not afraid to act like a kid because Emma loves it and laughs and has a good time with it. It is sad that people lose this as the trials and tribulations of life accumulate. Life is too short to act like a “grumpy old person” or “grumpy young person”…

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