Bye Bye Yoda, Daddy Will You Stay Here with Me Forever?, Wisconsin for 9 Days!, VBS

I often think about how fast time flies but it really hit home hard recently with the passing of my cat of 17+ years, Yoda. Emma brushing Yoda about a week before he died.                                                                   Me holding Yoda 1994 Seems like another completely different life when I got that cute little furball! I was single and lived in my own house all by myself …Read more […..]

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High Heels, ShiffBeeAhhDee, No! No! Yoda, Go Dada! Caged Lion

In the morning, Emma sometimes likes to play in our room for awhile before we go downstairs. She loves to go in our bathroom and look in the bathtub while playing with her bath toys. In fact, sometimes when she gets up in the morning, she opens her bedroom door and goes straight into our bathroom to do this. She will play for awhile before going to the hallway where the gate is and stand there and yell, “Dada, Daddy!” or, if Melissa is home, “Momma!” She likes to put Melissa’s slippers on her feet(beet) and walk around in them. The other day she came walking up to me wearing Mama’s High heels! …Read more […..]

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